Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay – Vietnam


Jerónimos Monastery, Lisbon Portugal

We are starting a new service in the Pharmacy.  Charles Cummings, RPh. recently received his certification from Pharmacy-based Travel Health Services to be a Travel Vaccine Administrator.  We now offer consultations regarding your international travel.  Our service will include routine immunizations and specialized travel vaccines such as Typhoid Fever, Japanese Encephalitis, and Yellow Fever, to name a few.

Charles (and the rest of our staff) can also give recommendations for over-the-counter medications, insect replants, sunscreens, and compression stockings to make your travel as comfortable as possible.

If you have international travel plans, please call Charles today to schedule your consultation.  Giving us advance notice will help insure you will be immunized well in advance of your travel.  Don’t forget, we can also coordinate your prescription medication refills to help you enjoy your vacation even more. #travel-on