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Authentic, New Mexico-sourced, made with love, shipped anywhere in the United States. Our world famous chile and hot sauce is ready to satisfy your cravings! Available in 16 fl oz jars, the red and green chile are great on eggs, potatoes, breakfast foods, burritos, pork, beef, chicken, enchiladas, and just about anything. The hot sauce comes in 8 fl oz jars, and shines when poured over tacos, quesadillas and wings, or use it to spice up steak, hot dogs or your favorite dishes. The prices listed reflect included shipping costs via USPS.

16 oz. white screw top jar of Duran's Chile Box 1 $30.75
16 oz jars of red or green chile and an 8 oz jar of hot sauce. Box 2 $35.25
A combination of 3 - 16 oz jars of chile. Box 3 $36.65