Please check out these news stories from KOB and KRQE about the fantastic things the West Downtown group is doing to give back to our community.  West Downtown has teamed with New Day to collect winter essentials for teens.  There are at least 4,000 homeless teenagers in Albuquerque as you read we are trying to assist.  In each business you will find a box to collect adult sized socks, gloves and toiletries (tampons/pads, toothpaste, shampoos, conditioner, soap/body wash).   Every small thing helps.

Did you know that for every dollar spent at a locally owned business, .68 stays in Albuquerque?  Conversely, for every dollar spent at a chain or national franchise, only .43 stays in Albuquerque.  Do the right thing!  Shop Local!

As part of this, all the West Downtown businesses have placed $2 bills in their tills to use as change for purchases.  Each bill is stamped with “Supporting Local Businesses $2 At a Time”.  The businesses are asking that you spend that $2 at another locally owned business.  “The Deuce is Loose!”

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Businesses along Central encourage people to give back, shop local