About Us:

In business since 1942, Duran Central Pharmacy is one of the oldest commercial establishments in Albuquerque. The original owner of the drugstore was Pete Duran, a graduate of Notre Dame and the Colorado School of Pharmacy. As a resident of Old Town, he wanted his business close by on Central Avenue, Route 66. A few years later, however, he moved a half a block south on San Pasquale.

Duran Central Pharmacy – In 1965, Mr. Duran decided to retire and sold the store to one of his staff pharmacists, Robert Ghattas, a graduate of the University of New Mexico School of Pharmacy. The business began to outgrow its location and in 1975 the pharmacy once more was moved to Central Avenue, where it has since been located.

In 2010, Robert decided it was time to step back from the business and retired.  Mona, his daughter, has continued the family business credo, sharing her passion in the care of their patients.   The pharmacy has grown considerably over the years, reflecting changes in the health and medical fields. In addition, the business now includes a large selection of toiletries, gift items, and medical supplies. The original soda fountain has evolved into a small restaurant, serving fantastic New Mexican food and is famous world wide for its red and green chile.

Duran Central Pharmacy is proud to be an independent community pharmacy supporting other small and locally-owned businesses in West Downtown Albuquerque.

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