Love Local and Be Merry 8x11 Poster Rev1Love Local and Be Merry!
Duran Central Pharmacy is celebrating their 50th anniversary with holiday specials!!
“The pharmacy has been in the family for over 50 years and we’re still coming up with new ways to develop our half-century relationship with our community,” said pharmacist and owner, Mona Ghattas.

For the past two years, Duran’s has made waves in the city by giving each of its 30 employees $100 in $2 bills, requiring only that they spend them at locally owned businesses. This encourages support of the local economy and to keep profits here in New Mexico. This year, the pharmacy will continue its $2 theme with special sales and increased hours on Friday, December 4th. “Folks have been asking for years to keep the restaurant open a little later for dinner, and we felt this holiday season was the perfect time to do it. We decided to throw in some super sweet $2 deals to show our appreciation for the customers.” You read that correctly, you’ll be able to snag a bowl of that famous chile on a frigid December night all while taking care of the bulk of your holiday shopping.

“We have worked very hard over the last couple of years to create a space where everybody can find something cool. We have tons of trendy men’s gifts, funky kitchen gadgetry, and loads legendary stocking stuffers, not to mention our great locally made products ” Ghattas explains.

The big night coincides with the lighting of the Christmas tree in Old Town, just two blocks away. The restaurant will serve food until 8 and the gift shop will remain open until 9.

“Come help us spread some holiday cheer,” says Ghattas. She even promises to spare customers from the relentless holiday music storming over the airwaves at the moment. That should be incentive enough.